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Call for action


Call for action : towards an European Area for Apprenticeship and Vocational Training

On the 3rd on 4th of April 2024, the 2nd Edition of the General Assembly on Mobility for Apprentices took place in Brussels, gathering 300 participants coming from 28 different countries, including a wide number of Mobility Coordinators coming from VET schools, representatives of Erasmus+ Agencies, representatives from EU Member States, and many representatives of the Mobility community of the European Alliance for Apprentices.


This event sheds lights on the unique role of mobility coordinators as a building block of the ambition set by the Council recommendation proposal « Europe on the move » presented by the European Commission in November 2023.


The participants adopted unanimously a call for action urging the Member States to keep the level of ambition of the draft recommendation which set at, at least, 15% the share of mobility experience for vocational learners by 2030.


In addition, the General Assembly considers that the EU should accelerate and remove the final barriers via the following 6 actions:


1) A single European mobility apprentice status;

2) Automatic mutual recognition of learning outcomes acquired during a period of apprenticeship abroad;

3) A European vocational learner card;

4) Promotion of apprenticeship mobility mentoring within companies;

5) A european training path for « mobility coordinators »;

6) Sustainable financial support for the Erasmus+ programme.


It is the time for Europe to foster networks of mobility coordinators and activators all across Europe transform the motto “Mobility is also for Apprentices” into practice.